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We are committed to teaching energy medicine and helping clients to achieve wellness and balance in their lives through better understanding and management of their complete selves.  Tim teaches Levels 1-4 in Healing Touch as well as the mentor training course.  He teaches a variety of other energy modalities, including Cleansing Flow energy work, and is an instructor for the Awaking Healing Academy.

Pam & Tim are both Healing Touch Certified Practitioners and have been trained in other energy systems including Cleansing Flow, Reike, and Aromatheraphy and sound therapy.  Both Tim and Pam take private client sessions in our home office as well as work with clients in hospital, volunteer and other settings. 

We express our commitment to teaching by arranging courses in several locations.  We regularly hold classes at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Methodist Hospital in Hopkins and Stockholm Sweden.  We teach other classes and workshops as needed and arranged.  We have also taught in Nepal and hope to return there.

Tim is certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner and instructor. He has completed six levels of Healing Touch training and worked with hundreds of clients.  His intuitive healing work serves a wide variety of clients, which includes a private practice, as well as volunteering in hospital and long term care settings.   He has been involved with research of Integrative Medicine at a local hospital.  He supports the local Healing Touch community with a leadership role in the regional planning group as well as helps facilitate a Healing Touch practice group.  Nationally he serves on the HTP certification board.  He is available as speaker for business or private groups seeking an overview of these healing modalities.  

Pam is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner.  She provides private practice client work and volunteers at Augustana care center working with the senior population.  She is well versed in the HT curriculum as coordinator and helper for many Healing Touch classes.

Tim has retired from his first career as an environmental engineer to devote more time to healing and spiritual practices.  Pam retired from a career as a Minneapolis elementary school teacher.

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