What is Cleansing Flow?

Cleansing Flow™ is an energy based healing modality that is specifically designed to help clients with Fibromyalgia and has application to many other autoimmune diseases.

The modality is based on the need to retrain the body at a cellular level to return to natural levels of health and function. This program differs significantly from the traditional approach to management of the disease. The trained practitioner works with the client, teaching and training the clients to be able to take full responsibility for their own health.

Cleansing Flow™ teaches and empowers the client to actually energetically shift the disease, rather than the more common approaches that heavily favor use of powerful drugs and learning to accept the limitations of the disease.  The program gets you on the road to recovery in as little as six sessions and can change your life. Sessions are typically 7-10 days apart.

As a Certified Cleansing Flow Practitioner™ we will guide you through the four steps of the program which includes working with you to transform and restore the energy in your body and educating and empowering you to self-heal.

Cleansing Flow™ was developed as an energy healing program by Healing Crucible™ www.healingcrucible.com


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